The Quran (English Translation, Commentary and Parallel Arabic text)

Author: Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Publisher: Goodword Books

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  • This commentary on the Quran is a concise, easy-to-read guide that enables today?s readers to understand the deeper meanings of the Quran and to reflect upon its relevance in the present world
  • It focuses on the main themes of the Quran, such as God-realization, enlightenment, closeness to God, remembrance, prayer, peace and spirituality
  • It lays stress on the fact that through reflection, deep thinking and contemplation, divine lessons can be learnt from the signs of God scattered across the world.
  • It focuses on spiritual development through contemplation and reflection, and by the activation of one?s own thinking processes.
  • It brings out for the people of today?s world the underlying lessons and message of the Quran. * It explains the wisdom, beauty and essence of the teachings of the Quran.

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